Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud hybrid email verification integrated multi-thread cloud system, which has the capability to validate tens of thousands of email addresses at a given point of time. Whatever the size of your email list is, we make sure that you get the results in no time. Once the cleaning process is ready, you will get a confirmation email saying that the report is ready to download.

No. There is absolutely no need for downloading or installing any software. All you need to do is to upload the list of emails on our self-service portal that you want to verify. Our online cloud hybrid email verification will take care of these emails. Ours is robust, intelligent online verification tool that is designed to meet the industry requirements in a very cost-effective manner.

Cloud hybrid verification is a two-step process: pre-validation and post-validation. In the former, the uploaded file is checked for correctness, recency, duplication, etc., whereas in the latter, the list is subjected to a more robust validation procedures, including SMTP testing, mailbox checking, and RFC syntax checking. These steps ensure you get the best results for your business.

No, your IP will never be blocked. Our cloud hybrid verification tool validates all emails at our end only. And all the validation and cleaning procedures are carried out on our cloud-based system, thus ensuring that your IP address is completely secure.

There are emails for which the server might be down or is unable to respond. For such emails, we flag them appropriately and do not use the credits so as to make sure that you can check these emails later on, with a new list.

Yes, we offer a free trial where the customers can verify a limited number of emails using our cloud hybrid verification tool.

Cloud hybrid verification self-service portal accepts multiple file types, including:
Comma separated values (.csv)
OpenOffice Spreadsheets (.ods)
Plain Text (.txt)
Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx)

Yes, we do offer a real-time API verification. This service is capable of integrating with systems supporting GET request.

'Unknown' refers to either possibility. The emails can be invalid or valid. This occurs when the receiving server is not responding or fails to respond appropriately. In such cases, we recommend you test the email again after some time.

You can Contact Us anytime. Our technical experts will walk you through the process and pricing to ensure you get the best for your business.

Our high-performance cloud-based validation tool is essentially beneficial for organizations utilizing web-based online web forms for accepting email addresses. In this case, the chances of user typo or mismatched email address. Using our cloud hybrid verification tool, you can identify invalid emails and non-functional emails, especially if you are planning for a mass email campaigning. Our robust cloud-based email validation tool helps you reduce email bounces and protects your IP address.