Cloud-Hybrid Verification Methodology

  • Our rich, integrated features help organizations change the way emails are authenticated.
  • We deploy various standard procedures to gauge the authenticity of emails before subjecting them to more strenuous practices.

Benefits of Cloud Hybrid E-mail Verification

  • Organizations and societies using email as a means of communication and transferring information can benefit from our cloud hybrid email verification services.
  • These services not only ensure quality and resiliency, but also form a critical component of an organizational business strategy.
  • E-mail verification essentially targets the following divisions of any organization:
    • Customer Service
    • Account Management
    • Marketing Executives and Professionals
    • Retail and E-commerce Professionals
    • Technology and Operations
  • Cloud hybrid e-mail verification, a cloud-based technology, acts a powerful tool that verifies an e-mail at the level of domain and recipient.
  • E-mail verification consists of different processes, where each process ensures the validity of an email and further checks its authenticity.
  • Our e-mail verification service offers a very robust domain-level verification strategy
  • It not only blocks any malicious email, but also returns e-mails with bad addresses and role-based content.

Application of Cloud Hybrid E-mail Verification

  • Our cloud-based e-mail verification makes sure that the verification tool can be comprehensively applied to suit any business need.
  • Here are some of the organizational domains, where our cloud hybrid e-mail verification should be implemented:
    • Databases - Marketing, Technology, and CRM
    • Acquisition Systems
    • Operational and List Centers
    • Websites and Webforms
    • E-commerce and other Finance-related Operations
    • Business Process Outsourcing