Cloud Hybrid Email Verification

Cloud Hybrid Email Verification allows verification of email in real-time using REST API.

Every minute, our online tool processes thousands of email addresses to segregate functional emails from the non-functional ones.

Why Validate Emails?

  • E-mail basically comprises of two components, which are joined together by an 'at' sign.
  • E-mail addresses also serve as the primary mode of activating/creating different account, such as fax, phone number, media sites, and bank accounts.
  • Different methods have been developed to test the validity of emails, such as heuristic algorithms and statistical models.
  • These models, although quite fast, doesn't render the safety of an email address.

Here are some of benefits associated with email validation:

    Reduced Bounce Rate

  • Removing invalid email addresses from your list means a greater percentage of the emails you send will be delivered.
  • Fewer Complaints and Spam Trap Hits

  • Avoiding people who will mark your messages as spam and steering clear of spam traps means a lower complaint rate and a better sender reputation.
  • Increased Inbox Delivery and Results

  • With a better reputation from fewer bounces and complaints, more messages will make it into the inbox of your subscribers, resulting in greater response rates.
  • Lower Mailing Costs

  • If you use an Email Service Provider (ESP) to send your mail, fewer messages sent means lower costs.
  • Plus, improved deliverability means less effort to manage your mailings and infrastructure.
  • More Usable Leads

  • Validating emails when they're entered on your website ensures you capture a working address, which increases data quality.
  • Having more working addresses translates into a greater number of prospects and revenue opportunities.